Jughead Is Kendall Jenner's New Photographer


It’s strange to watch Riverdale when you are probably too old to be watching Riverdale, because you can easily miss the cultural significance of Cole Sprouse playing Jughead. Even having no idea who the Sprouse brothers are, or were, the notion that Jughead was a weirdo outsider never quite rang true for me. Finally, I understand why.

It’s because Cole Sprouse is richer than god and can literally do whatever he wants, including helming Kendall Jenner’s newest fashion spread for The Sunday Times Style magazine. The notion of Jughead snapping pics of Kendall in a field somewhere made me laugh at first, before I fell down a Sprouse Bros wormhole and came out the other side with a new understanding of what I am watching unfold in that quiet town.

Granted, Cole Sprouse seems more interesting than the usual Disney kid star-turned-smoldering CW twenty-something playing a teen. First appearing with his twin brother Dylan in Adam Sandler’s Big Daddy, the Sprouse brothers were soon amongst the richest children in the world, after rocketing to fame in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. While his brother is running All-Wise Meadery in Williamsburg and tweeting about “thots,” Cole has gone on to use his free pass to the world for this:

What initially seemed completely bizarre—that Jughead was photographing Kendall Jenner—makes absolute sense. They are two people who have been rich almost since consciousness who can, more or less, pick new careers in media any time they want. Cole Sprouse would not ask Kendall Jenner about Pepsi on set. Even a weird hat couldn’t transform him or Kendall into outsiders from the wrong side of the track. They’re as inside as it gets.

But congrats on the new gig, Cole! You’re not doing bad for someone who could really get away with anything.

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