Just Try to Watch Joe Biden Lecture Elizabeth Warren Without Screaming


Joe Biden was largely an afterthought during Tuesday night’s Democratic debate, but when he did get the mic, it sucked. Like halfway through the debate when Elizabeth Warren talked about creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the former vice president responded by lecturing her and attempting to take credit for her work.

“All the Washington insiders and strategic geniuses said ‘Don’t even try, because you’ll never get it passed,’” Warren said. “And sure enough, the big banks fought us, the Republicans fought us, some of the Democrats fought us. But we got that agency passed into law. It has now forced big banks to return more than $12 billion directly to people they cheated.”

She went on to say: “You want to get something done in America? We have to get out and fight for the things that touch people’s lives.”

Then Biden flew into what can only be described as a rage of the most manly proportions:

“I went on the floor and got you votes!” Biden yelled. “I got votes for that bill! I convinced people to vote for it, so let’s get those things straight too!”

Warren replied, slowly, “I am deeply grateful to President Obama who fought so hard to make sure that agency was passed into law.”


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