Just When You Thought The Streamy Awards Couldn't Get Worse…They Did!


The 2nd Annual Streamy Awards, at L.A.’s Orpheum Theatre, which honors “the best in web television,” is one of your “wacky” awards shows. Which explains exactly 0% of the sartorial horror on display.

Let’s start with the okay: Autumn Resser‘s peacock print is the only way in which the term “peacocking” should ever be used, ever.

And while Brianne Davis‘ quilted lbd is objectively lumpy and unflattering, points for trying.

And while Julie Benz’ getup may put you in mind of hotel decor (a decent hotel!) chintziness is the least of our problems tonight.

Ted Raimi also gets points for a spot-on Peter Lorre channeling.

Danielle Harris ushers in the Bad with a classic frankenfrock. And it’s all downhill from there. Downhill in the bad way, not the “easy coasting” way. More the Sisyphus way.

Is it possible to do peach without going “peaches and cream Barbie?” Zoe Bell is not helping us determine this.

Speaking of “dresses by Mattel”: Justine Ezarik.

Tatyana Ali, meanwhile, does disco gladiator.

Crystal Chappell gives the lie to the “vertical-stripes-are-always-safe” rule.

You know those “CoffeeMate” “express yourself” ads that say “cofee is like life: it’s better when you add your flavor”? I sorta feel like Elisa Donovan‘s frock is the CoffeeMate of clothes.

Erin Coscarelli may actually be in a Princess Jasmine costume. No, not kidding, some people were in costumes.

Silk charmeuse and milkmaid: two things that were never meant to mate.
kidding, some people were in costumes.

Irina Orlova wears the blacklight tat of dresses.

Justine Bateman seems to be taking inspiration from latter-day M. Night Shyamalan films.

[Images via Getty.]

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