Justin Bieber's Stirring 'Padded Crotch' Defense: 'Photoshop lol' 


Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein ads were released a mere eight days ago, but it feels like those things have been floating around for a fucking lifetime doesn’t it?

So many questions have arisen since that fateful day when we were introduced to Justin’s full sleeve and voluptuous pecs. Was his crotch padded? Where the images aggressively photoshopped? Are Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein ads sexier than Marky Mark’s Calvin Klein ads?

It had already been confirmed that the original Photoshop accusations were incorrect when a “Before” image was discredited. Lucky for us, now we can hear the truth directly from the horse’s mouth. Today Justin posted the below picture to Instagram with the caption “Photoshop lol.” Lol indeed, Bieber.

The torso and chest look pretty similar—albeit minus that weird metallic-y glean from the original ads. However, the arms look much less impressive and, to point out the obvious, HE’S TOTALLY COVERING UP THE AREA THAT HAS FUELED THE LARGEST DEBATE.

Celebrities who think we’re stupid like to try this trick often. In order to “clear up” a rumor, they provide some sort of “evidence” that’s supposed to put the issue to rest, but said evidence is inadequate in such a specific way that it basically calls attention to and confirms the original rumor.

I know at this point we’ve all spent way too much time thinking about this, but the question must be asked: Do you Belieber Bieber?

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