K Michelle Truthers Think This Song Is About an Affair With Idris Elba


K Michelle is known for being honest about who she has and has not slept with—like the time she declined Chad Ocho Cinco’s penis because it was too big, among other issues—but her new lyric video for “Maybe I Should Call” is stirring up rumors about a certain hot British actor.

From gossip site Necole Bitchie:

This song is rumored to be about a relationship K. was carrying on behind the scenes with actor Idris Elba.
He hasn’t addressed, denied or confirmed the rumors but it makes for good tabloid fodder.

The Elba rumors do make this song more interesting, not to mention K. Michelle can sing. Maybe this rumor is like the optical illusion that was Idris Elba’s peen a few months ago! Is it a mic cord? Is it a blessing from God? Who knows man, who knows?

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