Kanye Had Another Listening Party For Donda And It Got Weird

Kanye West's new album hasn't been released yet but he's having a great time forcing people to try and listen to it

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Kanye Had Another Listening Party For Donda And It Got Weird
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As a personal rule, I ignore most if not everything Kanye West does or says because life is short and there must be better uses of my time on this planet. However, like a child in the night, West’s cries for attention eventually work, and here we are discovering that he had a second listening party for his upcoming album, Donda, at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which has been doubling as his home while he relearns how to publish and distribute an album. The Kardashian-West children were in attendance once again, even though they probably aren’t old enough to care much about their father’s musical endeavors.

But I suppose his musical endeavors don’t actually matter considering the highlight of the party was not the music itself but instead, West ascending into the sky like the prophet Elijah or the Virgin Mary depending on which book you read.

You might be wondering why Kanye West is being pulled up to the heavens and what that has to do with his album, but that would be asking the wrong question. Kanye loves a stunt and so he will stunt until he is in his grave. The real question is how long this man plans to hold this stadium hostage to keep hosting so-called parties where people are just sitting around listening to music on a sound system that was not built to capture the full range of sound that gets put into high-concept albums. Also, football season is right around the corner. Is he going to prevent the Falcons from training, or what?

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