Kanye West Returns to Instagram……But Why


Kanye West has returned to Instagram, The FADER reports.

On Tuesday, he posted a series of three images, his first since deleting his official @kanyewest account in February. The first post is a photograph of a lush, green hillside with a few rows of buildings standing towards the base. The second is a drawing of those buildings and that hill, presumably by West, clarifying they are “buildings inside the hills in Columbia [presumably sic].” The third is a sketch of a man named Matt George. “Meeting with Matt George,” a line of handwriting under the image reads.

That’s it. No other context. No explanation. Naturally, we have questions, for examp…

  • Why is Kanye back on Instagram?
  • Why did Kanye leave Instagram?
  • Why did Kanye start using Instagram in the first place?
  • Why does any successful rich person use Instagram for non-purely promotional purposes?
  • Do they know they don’t have to?
  • Can’t they just text?
  • Don’t they have finstas?
  • Or like………really good drugs we don’t know about??
  • Why is Kanye in Colombia?
  • What’s Kanye doing with Matt George, whom The FADER identifies as “Canadian designer and YEEZY consultant Matt George”?
  • Are they working on something?
  • Is this business or pleasure?
  • Is it both?
  • Is it neither?
  • Plusiness?
  • Bleasure?
  • Are we sure that that’s “Canadian designer and YEEZY consultant Matt George”? He kinda looks like this actor-turned-writer Matt George I found on IMDB. He played Grimlock #1 on a 1999 episode of Charmed. It could be him. You never know.
  • Or do you?
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