Karlie Kloss' Apartment Looks Like a 40-Year-Old's Pied a Terre


Model Karlie Kloss has a fancy new New York apartment and she let Vogue stop by to hang out. She admitted that she wasn’t too well-versed in design before she bought her new home but life is an adventure right?

“I really had no experience at all decorating or being a homeowner, I knew I wanted to make it mine, but I wasn’t quite sure how to go about doing that,” she says according to the Front Row View.

The only problem is — and no, I don’t know much about 21-year-old Karlie — but photos from this place look like the apartment belongs to a 40 year old.

There are pieces, like the gold circular fan wall fixture or the fur covered vanity stool, that look like they are extras from Dynasty. Even the living room looks like I should refer to it as the sitting room, what with the fur throw, glass table with gold legs and a chair that looks like it has wings? Actually, that chair is pretty cool, but still. Kloss added:

“As models, we’re dressed in everyone else’s design, but this is my space. It’s definitely an opportunity for me to learn who I am.”

Really, girl? If so, where are the old pizza boxes? Where are the exercise DVDs? Where are the full-length mirrors? Where are your leftover concert tickets? Where’s your laptop or iPad?

I know the fashion world is tough and it’s all about appearances but I hope Karlie gets the chance to have a home that represents her one day because this can’t be that.

Images via Getty and The Front Row View.

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