Kate Gosselin Continues To Make Us Feel Sorry For Her Kids


Jon and Kate Gosselin‘s epic feud has reached détente, judging from the tabloids’ recent shift from the “Jon vs. Kate” storyline to “everyone on DWTS hates Kate.” So why did Kate attack Jon on Regis & Kelly this morning?

Kelly Ripa & Anderson Cooper (who was sitting in for Regis) asked Kate the usual softball morning show questions about her family, but rather than giving some vague answer about trying to work things out with Jon, Kate kept referencing that she’s the only one providing for their eight kids.

When asked about how she occupies herself while the kids are visiting Jon, Kate said, “I basically wait for the phone call for how many of them want to come home.” Anderson finally called her out on the passive-aggressive quips and remarked, “You’re saying basically that they don’t enjoy being with him.” Kate replied, “You know, some of them do. Different days, different times, they don’t mind, some of them. It’s not home. It doesn’t feel like home to them,” adding, “They have a need to see him because he is their father, but yet they want to be at home in their house with stability.”

While Kate implied that the kids hate seeing Jon, it sounds like they just have confusing feelings about their new situation, which is very common for children whose parents split. Obviously, divorce is rough on kids, but it’s got to be even worse when mom keeps picking fights with dad on TV talk shows.

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