Kate Turns To Leo; Gabourey "Would Like" To Lose Some Weight

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  • Finally, the gossip some of you have been waiting for:

Kate Winslet is being helped through the breakdown of her marriage by none other than Leonardo DiCaprio. Rose and Jack 4eva? [The Sun]

  • Did Kate Winslet decide to split from Sam Mendes because of his relationship with actress Rebecca Hall? [Daily Mail]
  • Britney Spears and her agent/boyfriend Jason Trawick have broken up. A source says simply: “It wasn’t working out.” [E!]
  • Britney‘s trying to sell her house in Hollywood, but the market is so bad, she hasn’t been able to move it — and the price has dropped $2 million. [TMZ]
  • Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson are very much together and everything is fine and they are moving to a penthouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and no one should worry about them and everything is fine. [Gatecrasher]
  • Scarlett Johansson is helping Michelle Obama spread the message of healthful eating for kids. In a letter of support, she writes: “A means to a healthy diet and a nutritional education must begin in the school cafeteria, on the lunch line.” Also working to publicize the bill? Elizabeth Kucinich. [US News & World Report]
  • Is Madonna seeing 25-year-old Dolce & Gabbana model Adam Senn? [MSNBC Scoop]
  • What will Katherine Heigl do now that she’s done with Grey’s? One possibility: A movie called Blended, a “modern day Brady Bunch tale” about how single parents who go on a blind date and then end up on a cruise with each other and their kids. Romantic hijinks ensue! Heigl is also considering starring in One For The Money, an adaptation of a Janet Evanovich novel about a lingerie saleslady turned bounty hunter. [LA Times]
  • Oh, crap. Gabourey Sidibe‘s mom says: “The truth is Gabourey would like to lose some weight…” But she also says: “As her mom I would like to see my daughter healthy but if she didn’t lose weight that’s not a problem either – it runs in our family… [we] have relatives that are 80-years-old who are too heavy — it works in different ways for different folks.” And: “I’m proud of my daughter no matter what and the truth is that there are all kinds of acting roles for all sorts of people.” [Radar Online]
  • Lindsay Lohan‘s father had a heart attack yesterday. Michael Lohan is in a hospital on Long Island and will undergo a procedure today. [TMZ, Radar Online]
  • Um, Michael Lohan emailed paparazzi agency X17 from his hospital room. [X17 Online]
  • Victoria and David Beckham had a “tearful reunion” in Finland last night. [The Sun]
  • Oprah will be in a Philadelphia court in the next few weeks, to testify in the trial of Nomvuyo Mzamane, the headmistress she fired from her girls school in South Africa. [NY Post]
  • Kim Kardashian is covering her bases: She has a blonde calendar and a brunette calendar. [Perez]
  • Alec Baldwin says that he and Steve Martin actually had a lot more Oscar material than audiences saw: “We cut ourselves out of it by half,” he explains. “We had a script that was a much longer script for us. We were more involved. So he and I, I think we were very clever, or we were very wise, I should say, to cut it down. Less of us was better, so you could really get on with the films and honoring the people that are there to be honored.” Also, Alec’s script was “saltier” — with jokes like “The Oscars. Warmer than the Olympics. Not as gay as the Tonys.” [NY Mag]
  • Conan O’Brien is in talks with Fox about bringing a late night show to the network, but there are issues: “Fox stations are obligated to air reruns at specific time periods, in some cases after the 10 p.m. news. That would mean forcing a proposed O’Brien show, at least initially, to air at different time periods: 11 p.m. in some markets, 11:30 — or later — in other cities.” [LA Times]
  • Conan O’Brien‘s 30-city live tour might be filmed for a documentary. [Deadline Hollywood]
  • Charlie Sheen is back at work on his TV show and he’s got a sober coach with him. [Radar Online]
  • A memo was issued declaring that employees connected with Two And A Half Men are not allowed to talk about what happens on the set — and yet we know that Charlie Sheen had a “normal day” on the set yesterday. Someone’s breaking the rules! [TMZ]
  • Elin Nordegren met with a lawyer for three hours earlier this week. She has a divorce lawyer, but has not filed for divorce. Yet. [Radar Online]
  • Emma Watson was in a play at Brown, and was “nervous” beforehand but received a standing ovation. [The Sun]
  • Molly Sims will be a guest judge on Project Runway, yawn. [People]
  • Amy Winehouse got miffed when some guy tried to take a picture of her with his iPhone while she was grocery shopping. She seems to making progress — she didn’t punch him! [Daily Mail]
  • The book being published by Martha Stewart‘s former “friend” (you know, the one who helped send her to prison) came out yesterday; the news now is that Martha “pulled her hair out to deal with her divorce from ex husband Andy Stewart.” [Radar Online]
  • Kenrda Wilkinson will not pose for Playboy again. “I’m a mother now,” she explains. [Radar Online]
  • Whoa — Kendra‘s E! True Hollywood Story reveals that she tired cocaine at 13. At 15, she was “suicidal” and cutting herself and spent two weeks at a psychiatric facility [Us Magazine]
  • Kendra‘s baby will be “introduced” to his Irish roots by being dressed like a Leprechaun today. [People]
  • Unsolicited uterus update: Kendra is not pregnant again. [E!]
  • Nicole Richie wanted a $45,000 dress from Monique Lhuillier for her wedding, but then Molly Malaney ended up wearing it when she married the dude from The Bachelor, and Nicole decided to go in a different direction. Obviously. [Gatecrasher]
  • Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow showed up for jury duty last week. She told the court that she “she couldn’t find a defendant guilty unless rehabilitation was attached to the sentence.” A jury and alternates were picked before they got to Bigelow and home she went. [Indie Wire]
  • Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried talk about how they got close… really close… in the new movie Chloe. [People]
  • 50 Cent went clubbing in Europe and it changed his perspective on shit: “I won’t allow myself to be placed in a box where I can only do one style, or do one kind of music,” he says. Hence, he is recording a dance album. You can find him in the club with a bottle of bub. [Contact Music]
  • More Glee spoilers! [NYDN]
  • Kristin Cavallari and Stephanie Pratt had some kind of grind-off in a Hollywood club and this is news. [Radar Online]
  • The father of Padma Lakshmi‘s baby would like more visitation rights. [Page Six]
  • Marie Osmond is turning to her ex-husband as she deals with the aftermath of her son’s suicide. [Radar Online]
  • Deja vu: DMX has been sentenced to six months in an Arizona jail. [Reuters]
  • Lil Wayne missed a court date in Arizona yesterday — where he has drug charges — because he’s incarcerated in New York. [TMZ]
  • There have been 100 episodes of the Gene Simmons reality show? Really? [NYDN]
  • Gary Dourdan was “scratched up” by his girlfriend, who was arrested on a domestic battery charge. [TMZ]
  • Neve Campbell is narrating a film called Dirty Oil, which highlights the negative heath and environmental effects of the industry. Remember when she was on Catwalk? [Daily Express]
  • There were tons of celebs in the crowd at Rufus Wainwright‘s show in NYC earlier this week. [Page Six]
  • Apropos of today’s holiday: Gabriel Byrne has been named Ireland’s first cultural ambassador. [Irish Times]
  • An executive producer on Growing Pains has been sentenced to seven years in prison for distribution of child porn. [USA Today]
  • “It’s going to be all brides and all grooms. All of the women will be brides and all of the men will be grooms. Just one day, I woke up and I was like, ‘Oh, I know what I am going to do this year… I like to have fun and I like to make it fun for my family and friends.” — Heidi Klum on renewing her vows with Seal, which they do every year. [E!]
  • “The toughest thing for me out of the whole Celebrity Apprentice experience was sitting across from Ivanka Trump because she is smart, funny, witty, charming and beautiful. I kept thinking, ‘Could we just have one last episode of Rock of Love in the boardroom?'” — Ew, Bret Michaels. [Gatecrasher]
  • “The first one was cutting edge technology at that time, and this one certainly is for this time. And it’s a whole different way of making movies I hadn’t experienced. A little bit in Iron Man, but nothing like this.” — Jeff Bridges on Tron. [ONTD via Cinematical]
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