Katherine Heigl Goes by 'Katie,' and Other Fun Facts from Drew Barrymore's Galentine's Week

Katherine Heigl Goes by 'Katie,' and Other Fun Facts from Drew Barrymore's Galentine's Week

Remember how a few weeks ago, a story circulated in which Anne Hathaway said she prefers to be called “Annie?” This could be Katherine “Katie” Heigl’s Annie moment. During an interview on The Drew Barrymore Show, Barrymore and Heigl discussed her preference for “Katie” and Barrymore referred to her as such about a half dozen times. Barrymore is here to please and she does what she’s told.

Also! It’s Valentine’s/Galentine’s/Palentine’s Week, which is how Barrymore referred to the holiday on multiple references. She screamed in Lionel Richie’s (satellite) face, revealed she’s the new face of a Garnier shampoo (naturally, she dresses as a bee in the commercial), and declared her show “an entire ruse for me to eat my face off.” Hard to argue with that one. I, for one, have never witnessed someone so comfortable with speaking with their mouth full on camera, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s all in the montage.

Meanwhile, I just want to highlight without so much as a smirk this interview with a woman named Renee Dixon. Dixon’s story went viral in the days leading up to Christmas, though I missed it then. She’s a preschool director who drives for Uber on weekends to raise funds for her school. I am convinced that this person is an angel among us, and I’m agnostic at best. Dixon is so giving that she doesn’t even seem to accept credit for her generosity, shrugging, “It’s something I have to do.” I was as blown away by her as Barrymore was—I tried finding a GoFundMe for her/her school but I couldn’t. If anyone has information on donating to Dixon to help lighten her load, please get in touch or drop it in the comments.

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