Katie Holmes Wants You, Woman, To Look "Skinny And Hot"


Katie Holmes on her clothing line, which she showed at New York fashion week yesterday: “We as women spend a lot of money on clothes, they better make us look skinny and hot.” [InStyle]
The New York Times on Katie Holmes’ clothing line: “Fourteen outfits on 14 models, none of them especially interesting.” [On The Runway]

Anna Wintour — whose political activities have attracted much scrutiny recently — is now the fourth-ranked Obama fundraiser. In 2011 and 2012, events organized by Wintour have raised some $2,682,001 for President Obama’s re-election campaign. [NYTimes]

We have KimYe at fashion week. Repeat, KimYe made New York fashion week appearances yesterday. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian took in the Marchesa show — probably looking for wedding dresses, duh — and Louise Goldin. The U.K.-based designer Goldin reportedly worked on West’s debut fashion collection last year. Kanye, as is his wont, did not do no press (but he gets the most press, kid). Kim caught, killed, and skinned a muppet then turned the pelt into a top.

Last night, Tavi Gevinson celebrated the first anniversary of the Web site she founded for teen girls, Rookie. Among those attending were Florence Welch, Julie Klausner, the members of the band Supercute!, Alexa Chung, Sarah Sophie Flicker, and Ira Glass (who really, really, really got down to “Cherry Bomb”).
In other Tavi news, Gevinson explained “bitch face” to Jimmy Fallon: “I think my face is kind of chronically bitchface-y. Sometimes after class my teachers will be like, Are you okay? And I’m like, I’m okay, it’s just my face.” [The Cut]

Jeremy Scott’s spring collection, shown yesterday in New York, was an Orientalist farrago. On a cast of mostly dark-skinned models, Scott showed gold leopard chiffon abayas, loud printed silk shirts, and mesh mini-dresses adorned with tiny, dangling golden AK-47s. Most of the women’s looks were styled with veils. One onlooker called it “Saudi drug lord” — it made us think of the kind of thing M.I.A. would throw on to pick up a few groceries at Vons on a Tuesday. It was hard to tell if Scott was evoking or parodying the long art-historical tradition of sexist, exoticized depictions of Muslim women — Ingres’ harem paintings and everything else ever critiqued by Edward Said — or the troublingly common association of Muslims and terrorism in the contemporary American imagination (this was, after all, a show that walked on September 12). It wasn’t even clear if Scott was conscious of all that. Whatever! This collection made us want to go home and re-read Frantz Fanon. Or better yet, express mail a copy of A Dying Colonialism, “Algeria Unveiled” chapter bookmarked, to Jeremy Scott.

Scarlett Johansson is on the cover of October’s Russian Vogue. [Fashion Copious]

  • Lynne Tesoro, the public-relations executive who was slapped outside the Zac Posen show by Jalouse editor Jennifer Eymere, is now suing Eymere. Tesoro believes she is owed $1 million for “assault, battery, emotional distress, slander and/or libel.” [NYDN]
  • In other lawsuits news, Naeem Khan is fighting a vendor over $10,521 worth of fabric. The designer says the price is unfair — prices for custom textiles vary widely and cannot always be agreed-upon in advance — and the vendor is suing to recover the debt. “This was a print on organza. The price of organza is $12 to $15 a yard. They wanted more than $100 a yard to put a print on it,” says Khan. [NYDN]
  • Those people you always see wearing those kooky outfits on the street-style blogs may be dressed that way because they were hired to promote a given clothing brand:
  • Branding consultants estimate that popular bloggers and other so-called influencers can earn $2,000 to $10,000 for a single appearance in their wares. More typically, though, “If you give them a gift card of $1,000 and you pay their expenses, that’s a good quid pro quo,” Mr. Julian said.
  • [NYTimes]
  • Heidi Klum confirmed to Katie Couric that she is seeing her bodyguard. Klum says the relationship began after her breakup with Seal. [TMZ]
  • Next summer’s Met Costume Institute exhibit will be titled “Punk: Chaos to Couture.” It will focus on the origins of punk and its impact on high fashion. [WWD]
  • Adriana Lima has given birth to a baby girl whom she and her husband named Sienna. [Us]
  • Diane von Furstenberg dodged questions about her company’s rumored initial public offering plans at a public Q&A session with former New York fashion week director Fern Mallis. She also said that creative director Yvan Mispelaere is leaving her company because, “He felt like his mission was accomplished so we parted.” When Mallis mentioned the two days that von Furstenberg spent with Fidel Castro in Cuba in the 1970s, she said, “I didn’t have an affair with him.” This, incidentally, is how von Furstenberg described the Cuban dictator in her 1998 memoir:
  • He was tall and handsome, with piercing eyes. He was charming and spoke at length, asking us many questions about America. A lawyer by training, he is very intelligent and I found him extremely informed, but somehow he was not as macho as I had expected. At the end of our visit, I wasn’t sure if I liked him or not. I did, however, continue to admire him for his loyalty to his cause. “Your mother really picked the right name for you,” I told him on our last evening, fidel meaning “faithful” in Spanish. He was amused by my comment but confessed that his mother had named him Fidel because she was hoping that a very rich landowner they knew named Fidel would be his godfather. It hadn’t happened, but he had kept the name and its meaning.
  • [Racked]
  • WSJ. editor Deborah Needleman has apparently been asked to take the reins at the New York TimesT magazine — twice. Sally Singer left T at the end of August. [WWD]
  • Frank Ocean played the J. Mendel after-party. And when his set was done, he left. The end. [The Cut]
  • The Olsens are working on a perfume under their Elizabeth & James brand. It’ll be sold exclusively at Sephora starting in March. [WWD]
  • The Vogue team “commandeered” an elevator to exit the Reed Krakoff show, angering other reporters, editors, and buyers, who had to stand by and watch while the doors closed on a half-full car. [@EricWilsonNYT]
  • Betsey Johnson, at her 70th birthday show, confirmed what we already knew: she’s filming a reality show for the Style network with her daughter, Lulu. [WWD]
  • And now, a moment with André Leon Talley. Oh André — no, no, no. This is all wrong:
  • “I’m in it for comfort. When I discovered Uggs, it was a revelation. I love Uggs. Uggs can be as chic as heels for women. Uggs are comfort shoes and it’s important to have a shoe that gives you a sense of comfort. I have about 15 pair of Uggs — he same shoe, the same color. And I also have the bedroom slippers. It’s my shoe of choice at this moment of 2012 — it has been my shoe of choice. I love that you noticed I’m wearing Uggs. And this is a Tom Ford bag.”
  • There’s more.
  • “Uggs for me are a moment of utilitarian comfort that keeps you anchored in the reality of today’s world, which is very important. People have forgotten, and we’re all so busy running around, and these shoes give me a grounding. Men also have shoes, but sometimes, those tight little fabulous shoes are not exactly the thing you could wear for eight hours a day.”
  • [Styleite]
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