Katy Perry Gets the Finger From the Womb

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Katy Perry Gets the Finger From the Womb

Katy Perry still churns out pop music, unfortunately, which means that like us, her fetus has listened to “Never Worn White” more times than they probably cared to. If I were stuck in the womb, chilling and growing some fingernails, that chorus would be awfully distracting.

In the wee hours of the morning, Katy Perry posted an ultrasound on Instagram, treating viewers to what a fetus looks like when it flashes the bird:

Besides how incredible the footage is, it’s rather ironic how little I actually have to say about it. I’m presented with a golden opportunity—that of riffing on Katy Perry’s perplexing public image these days—and instead choke, twiddling my own fingers at this desk while jokes skitter around at the fringes of my consciousness. Perhaps I’ve been staring at this ultrasound too long. After a while, it begins to look like a Rorschach Test or something my therapist will make me explain back to her when I don’t have to stare at Katy Perry’s ultrasounds during a nebulous period of self-isolation.

There’s a wealth of human gestation news this morning: Diplo is officially a baby daddy again. Page Six reports that model Jevon King, who gave birth to son Pace in late March, was included in Diplo’s Mother’s Day Instagram tribute, along with his own mother and Kathryn Lockhart, mother of his sons Lockett and Lazer. Despite liking King’s original birth announcement on social media, this marks the first time he’s publicly acknowledged Pace’s paternity on his own feed:

Jevon King was the winner of Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe in 2014. Page Six also reports she was a deputy COO for the Miss World TT 2018 organization, and now works as a senior HR admin. Best of luck to all these famous babies! [Page Six]

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