Katy Perry's Performances With Christian Rap-Rockers P.O.D. Have Finally Been Unearthed For Your Cringing Pleasure


It’s no secret that Katy Perry was Christian songstress Katy Hudson before she was kissing girls and blowing fireworks out of her chest, but have you ever seen the pop star perform as her Christian persona? More importantly, have you ever seen her perform with Christian mega-band P.O.D.? Well, you have now. (Or you will, in about a second.) (Listen, just take this time to prepare yourself.)

Time reports that Perry sang with P.O.D in order to “have her voice heard,” and while it’s not clear exactly how much doing backup vocals for them has helped her rise to the top of the charts, it was certainly some good practice. Check out Perry performing with the band on The Tonight Show above, and P.O.D.’s music video “Goodbye for Now” (not to be confused with “Goodbye to You”) below.

Didn’t know Perry (nee Hudson) was a Christian singer? Check out her very emotional and drunk-sounding debut Christian album:

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