Kelly Clarkson Breaks Down in Tears During Her Last American Idol Performance


Kelly Clarkson, reality television’s best case scenario, returned to her old stomping grounds Thursday night for a performance so devastating that I would like to fling myself into the sea.

Clarkson got most of the way through “Piece by Piece,” the title track from her latest album, when she—and, in turn, the judges—started to very delicately and cinematically lose her shit.

“I’m pregnant and it’s nostalgic and I can’t believe it’s the last season—yeah, really sorry I just bawled,” Clarkson told Ryan Seacrest after the performance. “I’m actually quite proud that I made it that far.”

The song is about Clarkson’s relationship with her absentee father, and how her faith in men was restored after meeting her husband. “It’s just a touching song for me, because I wrote it about my little girl when I was pregnant, and now I’m pregnant with my little boy—which I hope comes out very soon,” she added.

Ah, pregnancy. Amirite, Keith?

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