Kelly Cutrone Says Kanye West Is 'a Joke as a Fashion Designer'


Kelly Cutrone, fashion’s most important thought leader, has taken a break from mentoring Whitney Port or whatever to continue her one-sided war against Kanye West.

Cutrone, who founded fashion PR firm People’s Revolution, had some words for People concerning Kanye’s fashion ambitions:

“I’m not into his fashion thing. I think he’s fine as a rapper. I think he’s a joke as a fashion designer.”

I am not Kanye’s biggest fan, but no, delusional “insider,” you are not allowed to edge him out of the game.

Cutrone gifted the media with some opportune soundbites last Fashion Week, as well, telling NY Daily News in August that “no one who really works in the fashion industry… gives a flying fuck about Kanye West.” In a follow-up interview with The Huffington Post, Cutrone added:

“Kanye’s really arrogant. Anna Wintour, myself, Gisele Bündchen — we’re not making rap records. We’re not going like, ‘we’re the most important things to rap since NWA’ .. it’s just like, stop it.”

Actually, Kelly and Kanye kind of sound like two peas in a pod.

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