Kellyanne Conway Thinks Andrew McCabe Leaks Too Much


Former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe’s book tour has primarily consisted of him suggesting that maybe the president of the United States is a Russian asset, a point he reiterated on CNN on Tuesday. But Kellyanne Conway didn’t like that, accusing McCabe of being a “known liar and leaker.” And that’s her job!

On CNN, Chris Cuomo asked Conway to address some of McCabe’s accusations against Trump—chiefly, his assertion on Anderson Cooper 360 that “it’s possible” the president could be a Russian asset. Conway wasn’t happy.

“It’s hardly worth dignifying with a response,” she said. “He’s a known liar and leaker and he has said to your colleague Anderson Cooper, ‘Gee I guess it’s possible, but I can’t say that as a fact.’ Then why are we talking about it?”

We’re talking about it because it’s pretty significant that the former acting director of the FBI would suggest the president might be linked to a foreign administration, right? This comes on top of McCabe’s 60 Minutes interview on Sunday, in which he discussed Trump’s complete trust in Vladimir Putin on national security issues and also ran through some very specific ways officials could impeach Trump using the 25th Amendment.

Some of this could be, and likely is, #Resistance Kool Aid, some of it could be, and likely is, just good book PR, but considering the president is now linked to at least six different investigations, several of which are Russia-related, Occam’s Razor is really starting to sharpen.

Still, Kellyanne doesn’t like it. Only she gets to shit on her boss, and only behind his back.

She told Cuomo:

Why are we imbuing credibility on somebody who, the professional responsibility and the Inspector General, and an Obama appointee at that, have concluded had lied under oath, had acted without candor, had compromised the honesty and integrity that we know the 35,000 or so rank and file FBI men and women who go to work every day and do their jobs very well, that they possess and he does not?
So again, we just throw these words out there and say yes or no, it is completely ridiculous and he knows it.

McCabe was unceremoniously fired—just before he was set to formally retire—allegedly because the Justice Department’s inspector general found he had authorized a leak about the Clinton Foundation and then lied about it. But McCabe said on 60 Minutes that he thinks he was really fired because he opened an investigation into Trump.

I don’t know who to believe! Definitely not Kellyanne, though.

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