Kim Fields Is So Over the Drama On Real Housewives of Atlanta


In Sunday night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, we learned that Tootie is not built for reality TV. “I don’t get all of this,” says Kim Fields, summarizing the experience perfectly.

As the newest and most wholesome cast member on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim immediately positioned herself as a relatable voice of reason. In these first six episodes, she’s felt like a fish out of water, openly questioning the women’s penchant for shade, tea and controversy.

Last night, while vacationing in Miami—as part of the requisite canned-for-reality-TV group trip—Kim’s homesickness starts almost as soon as the ladies arrive. When everyone else walks around calling dibs on rooms, Kim is fine with sleeping on the couch, even though she’s offered top pick as the biggest celebrity of the fake crew. It’s early in the trip and she’s already dying to go home.

Later, there’s tension at the dinner table when Sheree grossly asks one of the other women, Tammy, if she ever slept with Sheree’s ex-husband. Kim’s response: “How old are we that we’re talking about ‘I didn’t say she didn’t like you’? Are we grown ass women talking like this?” The women are genuinely stunned to be called out.

Then during one of their boat outings, Kim ends up leaving the group to sob about missing her husband. The problem is that she’s not a party girl like they are—she sips cranberry juice, reads physical books instead of hanging out and stands around watching the other women twerk. It’s obvious that she feels awkward among these women, as anyone with zero tolerance for drama would.

It’s rare (and weird) to see our thoughts reflected through Kim, who’s ironically one of the replacements for NeNe, the living embodiment of drama. Kim is a person who would never do reality TV, doing reality TV.

“I don’t [bleep] want to be here doing this with you guys. No offense,” Kim tells Phaedra, who comes to console her. “I don’t get it. I want to go home. I miss my husband. I don’t understand just dancing with girls to just dance. I don’t get all of this.”

Phaedra of course has the perfect confessional reaction to this, referencing her currently imprisoned husband Apollo: “I’m very sensitive to her missing her husband,” she says. “I would miss mine if he was good to me, too.”

Any psychologist (including the one in my head) would find it weird that Kim can’t have fun just hanging with a group of women. Social awkwardness may be normal, but there must be a deeper reason for why she’s never left her husband or kids for more than a day and has such a strong attachment to home.

It doesn’t help that Kenya, Cynthia and Porsha act flabbergasted and insensitive to Kim’s homesickness. “It’s not that I don’t want to come out of my social cocoon right now, but I just really miss Chris and the kids,” says Kim. “I’m so out of my element right now and it feels odd.”

In a confessional, Kenya, who’s been searching for a husband in the deepest parts of the world forever, says, “Really Kim? Do you know how many girls are out there that wish their husbands would take their kids away for the weekend so they could have a fun trip with the girls in Miami? Girl, get your life.”

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