Knox & Solicito To Spend Xmas Together; Seek Solace In Bubble Lights, Noisy Hallmark Ornaments


Amanda Knox has kept a low profile since she was freed by Italian courts, but now Raffaele Sollecito, her co-defendant and former boyfriend has decided to add more fuel to the media hysteria by gushing about Knox in the Italian magazine Oggi. He says, “We need each other — we speak to each other on the phone and write to each other every day,” adding:

We need to speak and write to each other to try and understand what happened to us and to look forward to a future that appeared broken forever but instead we can still build on. We have so many things to say to each other. We spent four years in a circle of hell, we suffered unspeakably and it ruined our lives.

Then to really make trashy journalists on both sides of the Atlantic swoon, he explains that they may be spending Christmas together in Seattle:

I will certainly go and see Amanda. She asked me over and I accepted with pleasure and there is no saying I will wait until Christmas. I could go earlier — I could go at any moment. I really want to see her again, to speak with her and look into her eyes.

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