Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Brought Their Tongues to the Oscars

On Sunday, the first Kardashian to grace the Oscars ceremony arrived in a bland black number and, as per usual, made out with her rocker fiancé.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Brought Their Tongues to the Oscars
Photo:Getty (Getty Images)

While others have anticipated the 2022 Oscars for who will win Best Picture or grace the red carpet in the finest of gowns, I’ve been waiting to see who will produce the most obscene PDA. Thankfully for me, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker showed up and gave us the goods (their tongues).

If you’re wondering why Barker or the eldest of the KarJenner clan are in attendance at Hollyweird’s biggest night, it’s because Barker is playing in the show’s all-star band, and Kourtney is banging him, uh… I mean, attending as his plus-one. Anyway, for the first time, the Oscars ceremony has been graced with the presence of a Kardashian, and it feels kinda weird. The KarJenners are normally fixtures at the post-Oscars fétes, but we’ve not seen any of them at the show until now. What a time to be alive.

During their momentous arrival on the red carpet, Kourt wore a form-fitting vintage Thierry Mugler black gown with slicked back hair, while Trav wore an entirely black shirt and suit (shocker!) and a lot of tattoos. They also touched. A lot…lest any of us wonder whether they are in fact having sex.

Photo:Getty (Getty Images)

They did a lot of hand-holding and staring into each other’s eyes.

Photo:Getty (Getty Images)

And then, of course, they made out, very performatively, as this is not actually the way most people kiss each other in private.

Photo:Getty (Getty Images)

It’s kinda sad to have to put on this kind of show, but we get it. Kourtney’s been through a lot. Scott Disick was an asshole to her, and maybe these photos will make him miserable, so let Kourtney have her fun. We say: Thank you for bringing your tongues out this weekend, babes, you did the thing.

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