Kreayshawn Says There Are, Like, Times When It Sucks Being White, You Know?


Not everybody thinks Kreayshawn — who was signed to a $1 million recording contract on the strength of one self-released single about Gucci Gucci Fendi Fendi Louis Louis Prada, and the basic bitches who wear that shit so Kreayshawn doesn’t even bother — is the coolest thing since penicillin. But Kreayshawn is undaunted. “Most of the haters are just miseducated,” says Oakland-based rapper Kreayshawn. “It’s just like, ‘What the fuck you want? Why don’t you go make a song and listen to yourself and shut the fuck up, you know?’ Shit.”

Rag trade newspaper Women’s Wear Daily periodically profiles up-and-coming stars from the world of entertainment so that its primary audience — designers, executives, fashion PRs, and their many employees — can evaluate said starlets’ potential as future shills, all while getting the news about the price of cotton and Macy’s new store plans. It’s an audition of sorts, only rather than offer up palatable soundbites about her “style” or riff on rompers or offer her take on the debt crisis or issue a tearful apology to Gucci, Fendi, Louis and/or Prada in the hopes of one day being dressed by same, Kreayshawn said stuff like this:

“When I was younger, growing up in the ‘hood, being the only white girl, like, there’s time when you’re like shit, it sucks being white, you know?”

How ’bout some cheese with that whine, artist-formerly-known-as-Natassia Gail Zolot? Hiyo!

(Being black in Oakland is a well-known walk in the park.)

Before Kreayshawn became famous on the Internet, she dealt Adderall, worked at Ikea, slung coffees at Starbucks, and worked as what WWD calls “an interior landscaper,” whatever that is. She also talked her way into film school in Berkeley even though she never finished high school, and convinced the dean to give her a scholarship because she couldn’t afford tuition. She dropped out after eight months. (She was blamed for the disappearance of a $1000 cable.) But there were also fundamental artistic differences, you see: “As soon as it came time to do your own projects, I was like, ‘Fuck this. You can’t tell me that my idea sucks,'” she says. “I’m an artist — it’s my ideas.” Kreayshawn will apparently tell anyone who’ll listen that she’s an artist: journalists, fans, readers of her Tumblr, people on the street who mistake her for Lady Gaga, radio hosts. “People be like, ‘oh, that’s that white rapper.’ I don’t like the sound of that. That sounds hella whack to me — white girl rapper. I’m an artist.”

Presently, WWD reports that she is an artist with about 14 minutes’ worth of music to perform.

Kreayshawn’s White Girl Problems [WWD]

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