Kris Jenner Is Apparently Concerned About How Much Money Kylie Is Spending

Here's an easy money-saving tip: Sell the private jet!

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Kris Jenner Is Apparently Concerned About How Much Money Kylie Is Spending
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Over the weekend, the internet clocked the obscenity of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott bragging about owning his-and-hers private jets while the world very literally burns. Then, a celebrity flight tracker reported that her plane embarked on a 17-minute flight to travel a mere 26 miles, and ever since, Jenner has been in damage control mode. First, there was that trip to Target—just a normal person, doing normal person things, folks—and now The New York Post reports that according to “inside sources,” Kris Jenner is worried about her youngest daughter’s spending.

“Kylie has been spending so much that, after she bought the jet, her mom had to step in and tell her to slow down,” a source told the Post. “Kris is urging her to be more responsible with her money, make wise investments. But Kylie is 24, she has her own brand, and she does what she wants.”

It sounds like another attempt to make Kylie seem relatable, as if she’s just your average 24-year-old running up a big credit card bill, much to mom’s chagrin. Or maybe it’s an effort to contain the fallout by making the rest of the family look a bit more thrifty in comparison. (So if it’s damage control, why not say that Kris has concerns about the environmental impact of all that jetting around? Though the Kardashians love to serve the public a heaping plate of bullshit, even they must know there’s a limit.)

Still, the Post report includes a rundown of Kylie’s spending that is truly jaw-dropping: She reportedly spends $300,000 on clothing each month, owns up to five California properties, and has cars ranging from a $3 million Bugatti to a comparatively affordable $320,000 Rolls. She shells out another $300,000 monthly on security. You can imagine it all starting to add up, especially for someone whose cosmetics empire hasn’t made her the billionaire she’d apparently like us to think she is. But while Forbes accused Kylie and Kris of spinning a “web of lies” to snag the title of youngest self-made (ha) billionaire, the magazine still calculates her wealth to be around $900 million, which means that she will literally always be way more than fine. So no need to worry, Kris!

But it’s all further evidence that extreme wealth is an invasive species that should be monitored, contained, and hopefully one day eradicated, like those snails in Florida. The most shocking part of it all may be that if Kylie were on board for that 17-minute jet ride, she would have had to make a half-hour drive just to get to the airport. This means that, on top of sparing the environment 2000 pounds of carbon dioxide, it would have been faster for her to drive the whole way. Sometimes private jets make short trips in search of cheaper plane parking, but we already know she’s not exactly hewing to a tight budget. So I can only imagine that she must have left her wallet on the plane during a prior jaunt, had to go back to get it, and decided to just go for a little “why not” flight while she was already on board. Yes, that must be it.

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