Kris Jenner Tries To Defend Her Pimping Ways, Fails


In a 20 minute interview with OMG!, Kris Jenner uses the word “work” thirteen times. When asked, “How do you respond to people who call you a pimp?” she answers:

You need to walk in someone else’s shoes before you start criticizing the way that they live their life. And the way that they get through life. And the way that they work. And I think that I am so blessed to get up each and every day and to be able to work with my family.

Uh, wait. That doesn’t really answer the question. A pimp could say he is blessed to get up every day and work with his hos. Doesn’t mean he’s not a pimp! Kris adds:

You know, my kids are fashionistas. They love fashion, they love working.

So if hookers love being hookers does that mean they’re not hookers?


To be able to work together is my biggest blessing.


Omigod, [my kids] are workaholics! I mean, these girls have been working since they were 13 years old. My 13 year old [Kylie] works more than some of my adult friends.

See, she’s not a pimp. Pimps would never be so excited about starting ’em young. (Meaning: Actually, they would.) What we all need to realize is that those kids looooove to work. Work work work! A pimp is a person who manages people having sex for money. She’s just managing her children so that everyone can work together as a family. Work is more fun when you’re related to your coworkers! Now get to work.

Kris Jenner Q&A: ‘My Kids And My Family Are My Passion’ [OMG!]

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