Kyle Richards Is 'Honestly Very Sad' Her Friendship With Lisa Vanderpump Is Toast

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Kyle Richards Is 'Honestly Very Sad' Her Friendship With Lisa Vanderpump Is Toast

This is the end / Their only friend / The end.

The prevailing drama this season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills follows a puppy and some very, very wealthy women who can’t seem to stop getting robbed. With the exception of last week, it has been only mildly entertaining. That changed during Tuesday night’s episode, when decade-long BFFs Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards had at it, and apparently torpedoed their relationship for good. Ignore the fact that the season is no where near over. They’ll never as much as look at each other again.

An insider close to Richards told Hollywood Life she’s “honestly very sad” about the whole ordeal:

“Kyle is honestly very sad that her friendship with Lisa has ended and even all these months later, it did hurt to watch due to their history. But Kyle, along with her cast members who have her back, felt Lisa and [her husband] Ken [Todd] were completely out of line for the way they spoke to her and are not being truthful, hence why they’re all making the videos. They have no plans to stop and just want Lisa to tell the truth like they feel they are.”

Yup, definitely sounds like a real person. They continue:

The ladies of RHOBH have been waiting for last week’s episode of the show where Ken yells at Kyle for month to be shown because they feel fans can now fairly decide if Lisa had any involvement in the entire Puppygate drama. They still firmly believe she was the mastermind behind it, though Lisa completely denies any involvement. Several of the ladies claim there are still text messages that they haven’t been able to share, which of course for them is frustrating.”

The real issue is that Vanderpump is too proud to rekindle things, and Richards is too anxious. Hopefully some good old fashioned time apart will help them realize they do actually care for each other? And if that doesn’t work, maybe someone at the network will convince them to join forces for the betterment of the series? It’d flop without them. Let’s be real.

[Hollywood Life]


A good friendship that could never be deterred by a puppy is the one between tennis pro Serena Williams and Meghan Markle. In an interview with Reuters, Williams suggested that she’s already sent diapers to the pregnant Duchess of Sussex with, “I may have already sent Pampers across the pond.”

On the same day, Williams told E! that she believes Markle will be “the best mom, for sure,” and offered the prospective mother the advice of “Accept mistakes and don’t expect to be perfect. We put so much pressure on ourselves.”

It’s all very sweet, but I can’t help but think “Pampers across the pond” sounds like some gnarly fan fiction. I’m into it.


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