Kyle Richards Walked Into a ‘Hive of Bees’ But She Is Doing Fine Now

She's allergic to bees, she hates bees, and she survived!

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Kyle Richards Walked Into a ‘Hive of Bees’ But She Is Doing Fine Now
Photo:Jean Baptiste Lacroix (Getty Images)

Kyle Richards, one of the well-preserved Beverly Hills Housewives, has a well-documented fear of bees. She is also allergic to their stings, which is important to know when considering the drama and the theatrics that occurred on Sunday afternoon.

It seems Richards was alone at her large home, and somehow, walked into a “hive of bees,” resulting in many stings and a trip to the emergency room (she’s okay!), all of which was documented on her Instagram story Sunday night. The story includes security footage from the cameras, which captured Richards at the peak of her panique, which, again, is fair, because bees can be scary, and if you are allergic to them and have seen My Girl, well, you know…

Apparently, after Richards walked into the hive, the bees were in her hair and on her body. Additionally, she tried to deploy her Epipen, but it wasn’t working! As she ran across her lawn, the bees, in her words, were chasing her. Furthermore, none of her family was home, and the “people working for her” could not hear her cries for help. Richards threw herself in the pool to rid herself of the bees, somehow managed to call 911, and got herself to the hospital, where all was eventually well.

Perhaps there’s a lesson to be learned from this incident? It’s not like Richards knew the bees were there, she just happened to find the bees, and then they came for her. I do wonder how she walked into the hive, but that’s a question that someone else can answer once they’ve reviewed the tapes. Is the lesson… don’t walk into beehives? Be careful? Scream louder next time? Get a LifeAlert? Man, I don’t know. The best I can say? Be(e) careful! [TMZ]

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