Kylie Cosmetics Takes a Cue From Fenty Beauty


Since Fenty Beauty was such a massive success with woman of color who typically can’t find darker makeup shades in a sea of beige, several brands have started stressing or expanding the color range of their products. And now Kylie Jenner seems to be following Fenty’s lead, launching a 30-shade line of concealers.

The line, which will features a range from “fair to deep dark,” will drop December 13th according to social media. And Fashionista points out that Kylie’s range will have one of the widest shade ranges for a concealer among competing brands. MAC and Clinique offer concealer in 23 and 27 shades respectively and Fenty, despite not offering a traditional concealer, offers 20 shade options.

Of course, Kylie’s concealers could drop and the bulk of those 30-shades could still be too light, so the number of shades isn’t exactly the best indicator for how diverse the colors will be. But this definitely means Rihanna’s influence is rubbing off on the Kardashians’ burgeoning beauty empire.

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