Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet Have Date Night at Innovator Awards

Wednesday night at the Wall Street Journal Innovator Awards, the lip gloss trailblazer took home two trophies.

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Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet Have Date Night at Innovator Awards
Photo:Dimitrios Kambouris (Getty Images)

On Wednesday, Kylie Jenner was honored alongside the likes of Martin Scorsese and SZA for her contributions to the lip gloss industry and her new clothing line at the Wall Street Journal magazine Innovators Awards. Photos from the night confirm that Jenner was toting around not one but two trophies, though. That’s right. Timothée Chalamet was also there.

Though the couple arrived and walked the gold carpet solo, Jenner and Chalamet met up inside and shared a table with French designer, Hader Ackermann, who presented Jenner with her award. As Ackermann introduced the entrepreneur to the stage, he jested about her “very attractive lover” in the audience. Meanwhile, when Chalamet presented Scorsese with his award later that night, the actor joked that he’d never been cast in a Scorsese production and had only worked with the acclaimed filmmaker on a Chanel ad. We love a self-aware himbo!

Photos and videos from the night show Jenner and Chalamet having a laugh and an awkward-looking chat at their table. The couple has been reportedly seeing each other since April and yet, I am still wondering what these two actually talk about…

Regardless, the awards weren’t the first public appearance for the pair. In September, they debuted on the Los Angeles leg of Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour and served up quite a bit of PDA at the U.S. Open. Next stop: Wonka world premiere??? We’ll see!

And while were on the topic of the public dalliances of the unlikely pairs: Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid also stepped out on Wednesday night—only these two culturistas went to a new off-Broadway play starring Aubrey Plaza and Chris Abbott. Photos show the pair making their way in and out of the West Village theater, and according to a source, it appeared Cooper and Hadid were holding hands.

“It’s a theater date night,” a Page Six “spy” told the tabloid. “Bradley is always going to the theater. As you know from his film [Maestro] about Leonard Bernstein, he’s a big fan.” OK!

Cooper and Hadid were first spotted out and about last month as they went for dinner, shared a car, and took an oddly unhurried stroll during a downpour. But apparently, things are getting serious and they’ve even used one of Taylor Swift’s properties for a little privacy.

Oh to be hot, rich, and dating!

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