Kylie Jenner’s New Baby Is Now the Baby Formerly Known as ‘Wolf’

The youngest of the KarJenners casually announced that she had... changed her child's name more than a month after he was born.

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Kylie Jenner’s New Baby Is Now the Baby Formerly Known as ‘Wolf’

As if it wasn’t confusing enough being born into a chaotic Kardashian-Jenner household, Kylie Jenner’s new baby is in for even more confusion.

On Monday, everyone’s favorite Lip Kit mogul announced that she simply just changed her baby boy’s name more than a month after he was born.

“FYI our sons name isn’t Wolf anymore,” she wrote in an Instagram Story post, before adding that the reasoning was: “We just really didn’t feel like it was him. Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere.”

Well, yes, Kylie, that is usually how the news works. When a famous person has a child and announces said child’s name to the world, the world has a nasty tendency to use that name far and wide in its coverage of the baby’s existence. What’s arguably made this entire thing a bit weirder is that Kylie did not reveal the baby’s new name in her announcement. It’s unclear if it’s because branding icon Kris Jenner hasn’t figured out a way for Kylie to capitalize on her offspring yet, if the baby doesn’t actually have a new name yet, or if she’s teasing the public because that’s how celebrities get their kicks.

In the event that you forgot, Kylie and her baby’s father Travis Scott revealed that they had their second child in early February and announced that the baby was named “Wolf” shortly thereafter. The baby formerly known as Wolf is the younger brother to Kylie and Travis’ older child, 4-year-old daughter Stormi Webster. We await his new name with bated breath.

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