Ladies, Larry King Is Single Again

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Ladies, Larry King Is Single Again
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Larry King is back on the market.

Page Six reports that King has filed for divorce from Shawn King, his wife of 22 years who is not this Shaun King, which confused me for a second. The couple have reportedly been separated since June, and King cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split.

Shawn King is King’s seventh wife, and though their union stuck for the longest, apparently King has been “miserable for a decade,” and in 2017 Page Six ran a whole exclusive on how King’s family allegedly wanted him to end it with Shawn, so I suppose at least they’re happy now.

TMZ has an even more dramatic telling of the events, alleging that the couple’s two sons, Cannon and Chance, ages 19 and 20, urged King to divorce their mother shortly after he suffered a heart attack in April.

Per TMZ:

Sources connected to the couple tell TMZ … they have been having marital trouble for several years now. Larry has accused Shawn of infidelity. We’re told that has created tension for a while now, but the breaking point was when Larry was in the hospital a couple months ago.
Sources say Shawn presented him with legal documents that would have given her certain rights to their property that would adversely affect the couple’s 2 sons. We’re told they felt she was trying to screw them out of their inheritance.
We’re told the boys went to Larry and told him they were outraged by their mother’s conduct — presenting the documents — and pled with him to get out of the marriage. We’re told he followed their advice.

Anyway, Larry King is single now, and presumably out there looking for love. I am available and in dire need of companionship and health insurance, if there’s any interest. [Page Six]

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Swift and I have had our disagreements, but I don’t hate this:

Lover drops on Friday. I will probably spend a week whining about it not being as good as 1989 and then listen to it nonstop for eight months. [Page Six]

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