Lady Football Coach Brings All-Boys Team To City Championship


Natalie Randolph took over the head football coach position at Washington, DC’s Coolidge High two years ago, and proceeded to lose the first five games of her first season. But now, she’s found her stride and her all-boys team is poised to play in the city championship tomorrow. Quick, someone turn this into a heartwarming film about overcoming obstacles!

The AP reports that after last season’s fifth consecutive loss, Randolph delivered a postgame tongue lashing to her players. After that, The Coolidge Colts won its next four and qualified for the playoffs. This year, they’ve gone 8-2 and have made it to the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Bowl.

To make things even more cinematic, during the city championship, Coolidge will play Dunbar, their bitter cross town rivals who earlier this season defeated them in overtime (who I’m imagining being coached by Billy Bob Thorton in the film version of this story).

Randolph’s players aren’t only making strides on the field. Under her leadership, the team’s cumulative GPA has climbed from 2.65 to 3.1. When she’s not coaching, she teaches biology and environmental science, and in spite of the national media attention she’s garnered, Randolph says that she just wants to focus on winning the game and continuing her coaching and teaching careers.

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for positive, dedicated teachers and coaches like Natalie Randolph. I’m also probably not alone in saying: Go Colts!

Female HS Football Coach has Team in DC Title Game [AP]

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