Lance Bass 'Can Smile Again' After Tragic Loss of the Brady Bunch House


HGTV effectively punctured Lance Bass’ heart by purchasing the Brady Bunch house that Bass was dead-set on purchasing, but the network might be providing a remedy.

Bass’ initial attempt to buy the Brady Bunch house ended in tragedy—and a few mistimed tweets—when HGTV emerged as the victorious winning bidder. The two former competitors could soon become strange bedfellows, though, according to TMZ:

We’re told HGTV and Lance are scheduled to meet next week to discuss getting him involved in the network’s future plans with the house — namely, restoring it to its 1970s form on the inside for a new TV show. The crib’s remained pretty much the same on the outside.
It’s unclear what role Lance would play on the project, but we’re told anything from producing to even hosting is possible … and he’s open for anything.

Life may toss and tumble you, but alas it works out in the end. Or…

Was this a long rouse? Was this the plan along? To get Lance Bass to try to buy the Brady Bunch house and then pretend he didn’t win the bid, only to collaborate with him anyway? TMZ says Bass wanted to buy the home and then “gut the inside and recreate the TV set.”

At any rate, now Lance Bass “can smile again.”

What a journey.

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