Larry Wilmore on Cosby Rape Allegations: 'That Motherfucker Did It'


Larry Wilmore wasted no time declaring his agenda for Tuesday night’s episode of The Nightly Show: slamming Bill Cosby. “We’re answering the question, ‘Did he do it?'” said the host at the top of the show. “The answer will be yes.”

You could say it’s not much of a bold move to publicly attack Cosby at this point. I’d disagree, considering that plenty of people still think the comic legend is innocent, despite the laundry list of evidence in the form of matching testimonials. Wilmore used his show to advocate for the rape accusers unequivocally, saying, “The question is, why aren’t we listening to these women?”

Watch his opening monologue above, which starts with a slight burn toward Lena Dunham for comparing everyone’s “obsession” with the Cosby allegations to being obsessed with the Holocaust. Wilmore also refers to Cosby’s current tour—where he’s made a rape joke—as “tone deaf comedy jam” and knocks his handlers, saying, “If your client is being accused of brutal assaults on a weekly basis, maybe don’t say he’s ‘far from finished.'”

Later, during the panel segment, blockhead comedian Keith Robinson completely misses the point of why it’s important to believe these women, saying, “I just think we’re going too hard on Cosby. We’re already acting like we know that he did it.” K, guy.

Wilmore, however, retorts with common sense: “This is the court of public opinion and this is my show.” I’m pretty sure he then says, ” That nigga did it,” but it’s bleeped out. “The proof is common sense, for Christ’s sake,” he adds. “We don’t have to turn our brains off just because the law says we’re not supposed to make assumptions.”

Larry Wilmore, short: STFU. The full episode is here.

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