Lauren Conrad Does Not Know What a Disney Princess Should Look Like 

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Last week, Lauren “LC” Conrad released a line of clothing called Cinderella by LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s. But Cinderella, this ain’t.

“Kohl’s and I started working with Disney a while ago on a few fun collaborations,” wrote the Laguna Beach castmember formerly known as LC on her blog. “I’m a big Disney fan, and because the new Cinderella movie is coming out soon, we designed a glass slipper-inspired collaboration. The collection includes whimsical, romantic and all-around pretty tops, skirts, dresses and shoes, which I love.”

Oh really. I took the liberty of comparing LC’s wares to those in the Cinderella collection of Chasing Fireflies, a company that recently sent a catalog to Jane Marie’s house, presumably because she has a small child.

This is arguably the most Cinderella-esque item in LC’s collection, but it pales in comparison to the classic t-shirt on the right.

What is this shit. “Once upon a time”? BE SPECIFIC AND GET CINDERELLA’S FACE IN THERE.

This is starting to get embarrassing. “Bibbidi bobbidi Boo” is supposed to compete with this beautiful floating number adorned with the wilderness creatures that Cinderella befriends?

At left: a woman wearing a perfectly normal dress while inexplicably pretending she does her own dishes on a regular basis. At right: a stunning princess examining her footwear.

Here are two ways to do a casual inspirational Cinderella look. One is the right way. One is the wrong way.

This is just sad. Poor Cinderelly.

Images via Kohl’s and Chasing Fireflies

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