Lena Dunham Wrote to a Sex Advice Columnist About Being a Virgin at 19


Today in endearing moments about celebrities and their sex lives: Lena Dunham #tbted to her fullest and best potential Thursday by revealing the extensive question she sent to TimeOut New York‘s sex columnist Jamie Bufalino in 2005. Then 19, Dunham wanted to know whether she should tell whatever hypothetical dude she decided to finally do it with that she was a virgin.

Dunham captioned the first photo depicting her question “#tbt to that time I wrote a letter to Jamie Buffalino[sic], the sexpert in Time Out NY and he ANSWERED. Please note ‘I have a reasonable amount of sexual experience…’ #2005 #virgin.” Nice hashtags, and nice Judy Blume reference:

She then added the rest of the question, which made use both the phrase “six ways to Sunday” and the term “v-team”:

And finally added Bufalino’s response, which she called “generous”:

Bufalino, perhaps unsurprisingly, told Dunham to stop worrying about what dudes who she might want to sleep with might thing of her, instructing her to:

…hang on to that v-card until I tell you it’s time to relinquish it…you will simply live your Intermix-clad, iPod-accessorized, O.C.-obsessed life until you meet a young man who doesn’t give a whit about your sexual status, but just wants to express his love for you through three timid thrusts and premature ejaculation.

This information also clears up any confusion: at 19, Lena Dunham was Shoshanna Shapiro, not Hannah Horvath, a comfort to Snuggie-wearing, fast-talking virgins the world over.

Image via Jamie McCarthy/Getty

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