Leno's Gas Pump Karaoke Couple Continue to Insist They're Legit


Despite facing skepticism from sites like The Smoking Gun and Gawker – and admitting that fame would be nice – the performers/bartender and fitness instructor from the “Pumpcast News” Jay Leno segment told the Today show “Yep, that’s us” when grilled about the reality of their viral video on Wednesday morning.

“That’s just the gas station I go to get my gas every Wednesday after I train my clients, it’s just what I do,” Monifa Sims said, adding, “I actually didn’t even want to get out of the car” because she was in less than appealing clothing – and she needed to borrow a Costco card from someone because hers was expired?

“If it was going to be fake, why would we come in the same car, come to the same pump, and wearing the same clothes?” asked her husband Will, referencing Monifa’s previous Pumpcast segment from a few years back that has people wondering if their amazing performance of songs like Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer” was staged. (For those who are not avid Jay Leno watchers, “Pumpcast News” is a recurring bit where actor Tim Stack pretends to be a newscaster at one of those gas pumps with the video above them, but then starts talking to the patrons.)

“I could have done this two years ago; if I would have done this two years ago and gotten famous then, do you think if I would have waited until now?” Monifa added.

Will really gets how the internet works: “There’s no formula to making a video go viral; either people like it or they don’t,” he told Today. Including Bon Jovi himself, who took the time to record a video for the couple while touring in South Africa and invited them to sing back-up on his tour. !?$%#^&*@ TOTALLY living on a prayer.

Image via Today

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