Leo and Blake Moving In Together; Dual Tree-Sitting May Be Imminent

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively, between riding on the teacups at Disneyland and taking trips around Europe and going on matching bicycle adventures on the streets of New York, have been discussing cohabitation. Specifically, he wants to move in with her, to show her he’s serious. No word on her thoughts, but some speculate that the couple plans to follow the discussion by running toward each other across fields of daisies while classical music swells in the background, sharing a malt at a charming 50’s diner, and laughing and holding hands on the Ferris wheel. [Contact Music]

  • Rihanna is spending money in foreign denominations like it’s going out of style. She’s rented a Mediterranean yacht for £200,000, is buying £3,000 a day on food and wine, and tipping people 100 Euros at a time! (Americans: with the dollar’s exchange rate still not-excellent, that amounts to approximately $LOTS). RiRi has gotten her money’s worth out of this vacation, filling her time with pantsless ocean swims, girl-on-girl sternum cuddling, and taking pictures wherein her and her friends flip off the camera. [Sun]
  • Brad Pitt saved a woman from being trampled by zombie extras on the set of World War Z. Next week’s tabloid cover: BRAD’S NEW WOMAN! ANGELINA DEMANDS BRAINS! [HuffPo]
  • After only a week of doing it all over the place and then tweeting about it, Kim Kardashian and Mr. Kim Kardashian have returned. The Daily Mail says their post-nuptial vacation was more of a “minimoon.” Why not just call it an “asteroid?” [Daily Mail]
  • Awful person Mel Gibson and the awful woman with whom he was in a custody battle have reached an agreement that their infant daughter will probably grow up to be sort of fucked up, and it won’t be her fault because her jerk parents made sure the odds were stacked against her. [Yahoo]
  • And speaking of people fighting over babies, Halle Berry has emerged the victor in a custody dispute with ex Gabriel Aubrey. [TMZ]
  • Sofia Coppola is getting married in her ancestral Italian town, after being hit in the eye with the moon, in the fashion of a big pizza pie. [Yahoo]
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar is playing twins in her upcoming TV show and reportedly loves starring alongside herself. Unfortunately, the show isn’t about a duo of vampire slayers in training to put the cast of True Blood out of its misery. [JustJared]
  • Tara Reid is really glad she got married, because that means that she can start a family and get fat by finally eating all of her pie costars. [Contact Music]
  • Liza Minelli doesn’t plan on getting married again, but instead hopes to surround herself with a trio of kept men.
  • I intend to have a 17 year old whose name I don’t know right? I intend to have a 35 year old who’s an intellectual and marvellous to talk to. And I intend to also have a guy who’s about 93 with one foot in the grave and one foot on a banana peel. What else can I say? There are some people who weren’t meant to be married and it’s very difficult for a female star.
  • And it could almost go without mentioning that whoever is included in Lucille II’s man trio should be understanding about her recurring vertigo. [Contact Music]
  • Pippa Middleton has legs, a weird jacket. [The Sun]
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