Leo DiCaprio Breaks Mold, Pursues Geriatric Model Gigi Hadid

The actor, who has historically favored sub-25-year-old women still on their parents' cell phone plans, has been spotted with the very old Hadid sister.

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Leo DiCaprio Breaks Mold, Pursues Geriatric Model Gigi Hadid
Photo:Kevin Mazur/Gary Gershoff (Getty Images)

Last night at the Emmys, host Kenan Thompson joked that 26-year-old actor Zendaya was young enough to still portray high schoolers, but too old to date Leonardo DiCaprio. The audience laughed. Zendaya blushed. The awards show continued on.

Little did anyone know, across the country, DiCaprio, 47, was making fools of them all by, according to People, “getting to know” 27-year-old Gigi Hadid. I know, I know, he’s wading a bit out of his comfort zone by considering a woman who’s legally able to rent a car. Thank god Hadid is a model, so Leo at least has some grip on his bearings.

An eyewitness told Us Weekly that the two sat at the same table at a New York Fashion Week event. “Leo is definitely pursuing Gigi,” another (?) source told People. And Deux Moi reposted a message sent to the That’s The T podcast claiming Leo and Gigi were spotted making out. Holy shit, he’s gone full The Graduate on us.

Screenshot:@deuxmoi (Fair Use)

Leo recently ended his relationship with Camila Morrone after she made the uninformed decision to turn 25. Gossip sleuths and statisticians joined forces to provide evidence that Leo’s love life has a shelf life: Once a paramour of his turns 25, they are sent to an Erewhon Market to live out the rest of their days.

Gigi has a 2-year-old daughter, Khai, with former boyfriend Zayn Malik. That relationship ended about a year ago, after Malik pleaded no contest against charges that he harassed her mother, Yolanda. Since then, the model has done standard beautiful people things, like launching a clothing line, hanging out with Taylor Swift, and attending the U.S. Open. If rom-coms have taught me anything, focusing on your friends, career, and your hobbies is a surefire way to have a handsome hunk swoop in out of nowhere! Imagine him actually committing to a person and even adopting her child: We shall call him Daddycaprio, should such an occasion ever transpire.

Now for the caveats: The two are still not following one another on Instagram, which we all understand to be the true sign of love. Though, to be fair, Gen-Xers like Leo might not play by Millennial rules. Plus, it looks like he only follows environmental groups and conservancy accounts. Hot, in a zaddy sort of way.

In the spirit of applauding white men for doing absolutely nothing remarkable, I commend Leo for listening to feedback and switching things up a bit. There’s a lot he could learn from dating an older woman, and the two-plus extra years Gigi has on his former lovers could be a well of wisdom for Leo to tap into. What’s it like to be romantically linked to someone who’s not still on their parents’ health insurance? Even if this relationship is a nonstarter, it could be the gateway fling to dating a woman within a decade of his age. Twenty-seven today, 37 tomorrow! Props to Leonardo DiCaprio, an anti-aging ambassador well on his way to reform school.

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