Let's All Join This 1975 'Woman Today' Book Club 

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You’ve got the look of a savvy, modern woman interested in the freshest female-focused reads 1975 has to offer. So why not join the Woman Today Book Club, “the first book club to bring you the best books for and about women”?

The pull-out card promises “many exciting, helpful books that aren’t offered in other book clubs.” So what would a Ladies’ Home Journal reader of the mid-‘70s be interested in reading? Offerings include: Job Ideas for Today’s Woman; A Woman’s Guide to Fixing the Car; I Took a Hammer in My Hand (“an absolutely clear woman’s fix-it guide that tells you (really tells you) how to do anything from hang a picture to unstop a sink to handle a cranky car”); Pregnant by Mistake; The Wine Diet Cookbook; Toilet Training in Less Than a Day; Against Rape; Living With Plants; and The Lovebook: What Works in a Lasting Sexual Relationship.

Change your carburetor, raise your consciousness and seize your orgasm all with one handy box, for mere dollars a month!

Women’s lib was in the air, because here’s how the Literary Guild advertised itself in McCall’s, August 1974:

Choose wisely, ladies.

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