Let's All Thank the CPAC Attendee Who Has Now Forced Matt Gaetz Into Self-Quarantine

Let's All Thank the CPAC Attendee Who Has Now Forced Matt Gaetz Into Self-Quarantine

Days after appearing on the floor of Congress in a gas mask to make whatever stupid point he was trying to make about coronavirus, the big ole turd known as Representative Matt Gaetz has now suffered the fate of his Republican colleagues Ted Cruz, Paul Gosar, and Doug Collins—like them, he also came into contact with the CPAC attendee who subsequently tested positive for coronavirus, and Gaetz is now under self-quarantine.

And in an entirely too-perfect twist, Gaetz announced he would self-quarantine just one hour after traveling with Donald Trump on Air Force One. While I do not wish illness upon anyone, god is possibly real as my mom always told me?

Speaking of Donald Trump, a noted germaphobe, even as he tries to spin what is an ever-growing public health crisis that his administration is handling incredibly badly (to put it mildly) as “fake news,” he is “privately terrified about getting the virus,” according to a report in Vanity Fair.

More, via Vanity Fair:

Stories about Trump’s coronavirus fears have spread through the White House. Last week Trump told aides he’s afraid journalists will try to purposefully contract coronavirus to give it to him on Air Force One, a person close to the administration told me. The source also said Trump has asked the Secret Service to set up a screening program and bar anyone who has a cough from the White House grounds. “He’s definitely melting down over this,” the source said.

  • In related news, Representative Gosar is having a real one.
  • As is the world economy, which may be headed toward a coronavirus-related recession. [Associated Press]
  • Cory Booker is the latest ex-candidate to endorse Joe Biden. [New York Times]
  • Meanwhile, Kamala Harris apparently waited to endorse Biden until there were no more women left in the race. “I really do believe in Joe,” she added convincingly. [Washington Post]
  • And Bernie Sanders got the endorsement of Reverend Jesse Jackson.
  • Biden has a large lead over Sanders in Michigan, which votes on Tuesday. [Politico]
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