Let's Help Jillian Find Nicole Kidman's Luxurious Robe From The Undoing

Let's Help Jillian Find Nicole Kidman's Luxurious Robe From The Undoing
Screenshot:The Undoing/HBO; Natori

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Many people I know are watching HBO’s The Undoing, a Nicole Kidman vehicle which Jezebel culture reporter Hazel Cills described to me as a show about “Kidman’s husband Hugh Grant, who is accused of murder, and she decides to support him instead of running for the hills (which she should). It’s like Big Little Lies if it was set on Museum Mile.” And perhaps because Kidman plays, as Hazel put it, “a couples therapist whose wardrobe is like, lots of velvet coats,” reader Jillian has written to Fashion Scavenger Hunt with a query, along with a screenshot:

I have been obsessing over this robe Nicole Kidman wears in The Undoing. I have googled my heart out trying to find it and no dice. Just tons of articles mentioning her cool coats. Any chance you could use your magic and help me find it?
Screenshot:The Undoing/HBO

This gorgeous silken robe conveys to me a sense of luxurious brooding and also resembles a vintage Lord & Taylor caftan I purchased at a thrift store a few years back. It’s assertively feminine and a bit maximalist with early-’80s aplomb. To find out where this came from, I contacted representatives for The Undoing at HBO, who told me that it is made by Josie Natori, a Filipina-American designer who has grown to become a loungewear giant since she debuted her fashion house in 1977. Unfortunately, this particular pattern seems a relic of a season past—specifically, A/W ’18-’19, based on when it was posted on the official Natori Company Instagram, and which coincides with the early-2019 filming and production schedule of The Undoing.


Still, Natori’s current selection includes some very pretty approximations of the Kidman joint. The Chrysanthemum Robe ($180) has a similar color palette with a slightly more muted pattern (and matching mules!), while the Miyabi Silk Wrap is a kickier version, if infinitely pricier at $785. I guess that’s the difference between polyester and silk—that and the dry-cleaning bill, baby. As a dedicated flowy gown fanatic, I also appreciate that the Chrysanthemum print comes in caftan form ($180), perfect for the next approximately 8,302 more days of self-isolation, as we wait it out for a goddamn vaccine that is both Fauci-tested and FDA-approved. (Come through, Dolly!) Seeking more options, I found a similar vibe at a more affordable price point in this In Bloom by Jonquil winter garden robe (poly, but washable, and $70).

If you want to fantasize about dropping bank on some silk, though, British sleepwear label Yolke makes this very pretty joint for £340 (around $450). It has a matching £35 eye mask that seems big enough to approximate a ballcap (see: model’s head), in case you want to look sporty at night. I love it, but I don’t have that kind of scratch lying around for anything but rent and groceries. I do miss window-shopping, though, so please gaze upon this beautiful piece with me and dream.


Because sustainability is important and the U.S. is in a freaking “recession,” optimistically speaking, I also located some lower-priced vintage and recycled pieces that can serve as approximations of the original. At Depop: A cute ‘90s Victoria’s Secret in size small for $26; a black satin kimono-style robe which I LOVE, one size fits all, for $28; a ‘70s fan-print in what seems like a small medium for $32.99; and, for kicks, a Gilligan & O’Malley psychedelic number in XS/S for $6. On Etsy: A sultry black and red ‘80s joint, size L, for $45; an excellent, earth-tone floral caftan in 2X for $33. On eBay, I like this fancy Christian Dior, size L, for $55; and also another psychedelic look—a paisley Fredrick’s of Hollywood that I would cop were it in my size—in shades of “fuschia” and “I’m tripping,” size S, $59.99.

I think what we’ve all learned here today is that it’s easy to seem like a high-paid therapist if you have an elaborate lounge pattern—and also leave your husband if he ever does a murder. Thanks to Jillian for sending us on this journey, I hope you find your bliss.

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