Let's Stay In Tonight and Do Our Nails


A couple of weeks ago, my coworker Tracie — who always has flawless nails — was rocking a cool houndstooth pattern. When I told her I loved it, she informed me it was Sally Hansen Salon Effects — the nail polish strips you place like stickers. I was skeptical, but decided to try a pack on Sunday night while watching TV. I’d had a manicure earlier in the week, but didn’t like the color, and figured even botched strips would be better. I think I paid $9 for a pack of a pattern called “Check, Please!” and put them on in low light. Even with shaky fingers and zero patience, I had an awesome manicure in mere minutes. Best of all: No dry time, aka the time that feels like forever and you miss phone calls and risk fucking things up looking for your keys. I did a super amateur job of applying the strips — even covering my cuticles in some cases — but everyone who’s seen them has been wowed. No one notices the little fuckups and/or crooked parts. So I plan on doing it again, especially since the value packs on Amazon are so damn cheap. But I’ve also been looking at a zillion different kinds of black and white manicures, and I think I might try to keep it going all fall. What about you guys? What are you doing with your nails right now… or what to you want to do? Post pictures and turn this damn thing into a giant nail file. Get it? Nail file?

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