Lil Bub Draws Huge, Fawning Crowds at Her New York Book Signing


Lil Bub’s quest for media supremacy continued Thursday night outside Strand Books in New York, where hundreds of people collectively skipped dinner and stood in line to look at a cat. But not just ANY garbage-swilling, common street cat! Lil Bub is crazy-adorable, and, with a new book (Lil Bub’s Lil Book) out this week, clearly capable of linguistic expression. Standing in line at a bookstore for a chance to see Bub is, then, like standing in line to see a wizard, i.e. completely justifiable.

According to the lucky Wall Street Journal scribbler who got handed the Lil Bub beat after a no doubt impassioned, All the President’s Men plea to the editor — “Chief, you need to put me on Bub, YOU CAN’T KILL THIS STORY” — only 50 Bubbers were allowed into the bookstore to see Lil Bub at once, because Lil Bub, a “dwarf cat,” spooks easily if hordes of inexplicably eager humans come stampeding up to her. Lil Bub’s owner, Mike Bridavsky, has been trundling her around on a nationwide media tour to animal shelters, where Bub’s appearances help raise support for shelter animals. You’d think all that traveling would freak a cat out — for instance, my cat immediately fouls itself whenever it clambers into its carrier — but Lil Bub’s genetic anomalies make her travels more like physical therapy.

Said Bridavsky, “All the vibrations from the plane, the car and moving around break down these large cells in her bones that define her disease.” In other words, this cat was born to be a celebrity.


Image via Getty, Dave Kotinsky

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