Lil Kim's Mixtape Cover Art Is Crazy On Several Levels


The artwork for Lil Kim‘s new mixtape, Black Friday, is an absolute masterpiece of Photoshop. In fact, the proportions are so bizarre — look at the waist as compared to the neck! — that we’re not even sure the designer started with a photograph. Was Kim’s head dropped on to someone else’s body? Was the whole thing drawn? Whose boobs are those? Does she have ribs? Why do her thighs come out of her belly? Is one leg completely devoid of a foot? Jesus.

Once you wrap your mind around the concept that this image is supposed to be a human, you realize what you’re actually looking at: Kim is maxing and relaxing by the decapitated body of Nicki Minaj. Blood spurts from Nicki’s corpse and splashes up against Kim’s back as she reclines, chilling with a blood-drenched samurai sword. Nicki’s head — pink wig intact — lies in the foreground in its own shimmering pool of plasma. We know it’s Nicki because she is wearing the same ensemble — and in the same pose — as on the cover of her album, Pink Friday. Do you get it? The message is clear: Kim has a serious problem with Nicki. The beef has been ratcheted up a notch.

Since this is a dis track, we can use Kim’s lyrics to find out how she really feels. Apparently Nicki is a “corny broad,” a “Lil Kim clone clown” and a “wannabe” who will “always be number two” and is in her “14th minute of fame.” Ouch! The best part? When Kim spits,

You and Diddy? Sorry bunch of swagga jackers / I mothered you hos, I should claim you on my income taxes!

Hilarious. But seriously: There should be more than one female rapper making headlines at a time. Beef makes hip-hop fun! As long as no one gets shot.

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