Lindsay Lohan Is Having a Pretty Shitty Monday After Being Glitter-Bombed on Her Way to Court


Lindsay Lohan is currently having the Mondayest Monday in the history of Mondays. After arriving 50 minutes late to her date with justice this morning, someone glitter-bombed her on her way into a Los Angeles courthouse.

To recap for those of you following along at home: First she missed her Saturday night flight. Then, as fate is liable to do, someone extended a gilded, helping hand to the beleaguered actress — “Mr. Pink” (ah, pseudonyms, like we’re in a spy movie!) lent Lohan a ride on a private jet. Smooth sailing, right? Wrong! That helping hand was just the universe’s way of making a subsequent delay (the flight didn’t land at LAX until 8:30 am), a late courthouse arrival, and a faceful of sparklies that much more devastating.

According to the Los Angeles Times, no apparent plea agreement was reached about the three separate misdemeanor counts — reckless driving, providing false information to an officer and willfully resisting, obstructing or delaying an officer — Lohan faces. In other words, there’s still plenty more time for this Monday to get even worse for Lindz.

[LA Times], [Twitter]

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