Lingerie Store Makes Cecil The Lion Costume, Wants to Save The Animals


Friends, it’s time to blast some Bloodhound Gang and seduce your lover with every sex-related animal metaphor in your vocabulary. But first you should zip yourself into this sexy Cecil the Lion costume and pay tribute to our fallen friend while you do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.

According to the New York Post, lingerie retailer has introduced a crushed velvet romper, complete with mane and tail, meant to honor the recently slain Cecil the Lion. Yandy will “[give] 20 percent of the furry hooded outfit to the World Wildlife Fund for animal conservation.”

Let’s take a look at this getup, shall we?

To be quite honest, I’d be inclined to make the hood detachable and wear it for the duration of winter. I wager it’s quite cozy.

But if you’ll take a moment to observe this post’s header image, you will, I believe, note that no heterosexual lioness need go through such trouble to entice her man. The fellow pictured above is clearly down to fuck and, for that matter, quite proud of himself for his prowess.

That said, if a commemorative lion romper fires your engines, go forth. You don’t want to find yourself in the lioness’ sitch, wherein she could not give less of a shit about the activities involving her backside. Oh yeah baby, you’re a motherfucking Mufasa.

In any case, this costume is vastly superior to this egregious lion killer dentist costume from Costumeish. Anyone who wears that for Halloween will certainly and deservedly receive an unfriendly visit from Cecil’s ghost.

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