Liquor Laws Are Relaxing and Americans Are Enjoying Every Drop


Americans have more access to booze than ever. Cheers!

39 states, up from 23, now allow alcohol sales on Sunday, combatting the ever-annoying blue laws, and 44 states allow customers to try a drink or two while shopping. American liquor sales are also up 1.9% according to a research group called DISCUS. That’s great! But it also sounds like maybe people may be making their way through these “tough economic times” with a bottle of something stronger than their fears. Hopefully I’m wrong.

Coincidentally, the Wire writes, the loosening of laws is happening at a time when America’s most traditional spirit, whiskey, is more popular than every. Nevertheless, some places like Kentucky, which is the home of whiskey, remain in the past. The state won’t sell wine and spirits in grocery stores but allow their sale in drug stores, despite the public polling in favor of making liquor sales available everywhere.

Step by step — or shot by shot — people.

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