Live Blogging E!'s Golden Globes Red Carpet


Let’s do a drinking game: Every time Giuliana Rancic asks a female celebrity about her diet/exercise regimen, take a shot. If she freaks out about George Clooney or Justin Bieber, finish the bottle.

6:00 I’ll be playing a different version of this game, substituting chili con queso for booze.

6:04 Olivia Wilde says that she could eat a cheeseburger in this dress—except that she doesn’t eat meat. She also just compared her dialogue in House to Shakespeare.

6:05 New development: There’s a “stiletto cam” this year.

6:08 Catt Sadler just assured us that we will be able to see Sofia Vergara’s backside, since she knows that we do. Do we?

6:12 “The biggest accessory this year on the red carpet is the baby bump.”
“Will they hide the baby bump? Will they not hide the baby bump?”
Riveting commentary.

6:13 Kelly Osbourne kinda sucks at this, huh? Anyway, video TK of “baby bump” talk.

6:19 J. Lo Hew’s eyelashes are more elaborate than her dress.

6:22 Addendum to the drinking game: Chug when Giuliana talks about being Italian. Which she just did.

6:26 It’s really awkward hearing Giuliana talk so much about baby bumps when she’s made it very clear how badly she wants one of her own.

6:34 I’m really into the look of the girl in the background (a PR flack or a PA or something).

6:37 It’s too bad Seacrest didn’t interview Scott Caan. He would’ve appeared really tall.

6:38 Elizabeth Moss said that Keira Knightley is “just like a normal girl.” Celebrities have weird ideas about compliments.

6:41 Judging from these red carpet interviews, this could very well be one of the drunkest GG’s in a while.

6:44 Drinking game update: Take a shot every time they say “baby bump.” You’re gonna be wasted.

6:47 I wonder if Jessica Paré and Piper Perabo will run into each other. Flashbacks of boarding school lezzies!

6:49 I really love that Seacrest is wondering about actors’ sexualities.

6:51 Jesse Tyler Ferguson says that he dyes his beard. (Isn’t it kind of funny that he has red hair and his name is Ferguson?)

6:55 Initially I was like, “Automatic Worst Dressed”:

But then I saw the two different-colored shoes and I was like, “She wants that award so badly, that I don’t want to give it to her.”

6:59 Kudos to E!’s promotional department for pushing the new Kardashian show right as they showed Portman’s bump.

7:02 Dying to know what Jake Gyllenhaal and Jason Segel are talking about.

7:06 Upon seeing Scarlett’s hair, my husband said, “I take it all back—all the things I’ve said about her in the past. They were wasted words.”

7:10 After a brief Botox hiatus, Nicole Kidman’s forehead features have, once again, left the building.

7:15 Just ‘cuz:

7:24 God, Seacrest is more annoying about women’s bodies than Rancic this year.

7:27 This is from NBC’s red carpet, but check out Angelina’s bad hair day:

7:29 It was my understanding that this was a black tie event.

7:35 Why does Xtina look like Snooki?

7:38 Being a Hamm:

7:41 Loving Anne Hathaway’s dress. Mostly because I love sleeves.

7:43 Meanwhile, Megan Fox’s dress looks…inexpensive.

7:47 Mother-of-the-bride?

7:55 Tilda’s face kind of says more than I ever could about her ensemble. (She’s wearing pink shoes with this, BTW.)

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