Live Hand Grenade Discovered Underneath McDonald's Parking Lot

In Depth

Look, I’m mad about the fact that McDoubles cost $1.29 now, too, but some things are just too far.

Via the Frederick News-Post, a live hand grenade was discovered in the parking lot of a Thurmont, Maryland McDonald’s last weekend. Discovered by landscapers working on shrubs near the restaurant’s entrance, the grenade was lodged about a foot under the pavement. The area was evacuated and the grenade was quickly dealt with.

According to bomb disposal experts, the grenade was probably a relic of the former military base in Thurmont, and had thus had likely been there decades. The argument could be made that it could theoretically have been put there more recently, except for the fact that Thurmont is part of greater Frederick County. As anyone familiar with the current residents of greater Frederick County could attest, there’s a roughly 100% chance they would’ve accidentally blown their own arm off in the attempt.

Image via Rob Wilson/Shutterstock.

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