Live Your Best Life in Big Mac Clothes, Sleep on Sexy Big Mac Sheets


McDonald’s is having a great week. After giving absolutely zero fucks about Taco Bell’s smear campaign (Ronald should really consider “at least we don’t give you the squirts” as a comeback slogan), the restaurant has launched a lifestyle line which will allow fans of the Big Mac to show off their love for the burger in style, class and, most importantly, comfort.

The branded collection of clothing and home goods was created as part of a marketing stunt called “Imlovinit24” which took place on Tuesday and featured 24 Mcdonald’s-related events in 24 cities over a scant 24 hours. 24 hours? That’s not even enough time to have enjoyed the giant ball pit in Sydney, the McOrchestra performance in Vienna or the strangely out of place Ne-Yo concert in Los Angeles. There’s no mention of whether free Big Macs were served at each event, but let’s just assume they were because otherwise this whole thing would be a travesty. I’m not showing up for a Ne-Yo concert for anything less than a super-sized value meal with optional toy, you feel?

If you speak Swedish (knowing how to say “meatballs” after a trip to IKEA doesn’t count), you can make your way over to and purchase sheets and wallpaper for your room now. If you’re interested in the Big Mac boots, eating coat or dog-shaming hoodie you’re going to have to wait to bring them into your life. But you definitely should. If nothing else, these items seem a little less desperate than Burger King’s highly-anticipated perfume.

Image via which, again, is a real site because this is the kind of world we live in.

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