Lone Ranger Fashion Collab Features Actual Native American Designer


The Lone Ranger accessories collection is made by a Lakota Sioux leatherworker named Gabriel GoodBuffalo in collaboration with Will Leather Goods. It’s beautiful but it’ll cost you: the most expensive item, this line of hand-beaded belts, is $2,000. [Racked]

Rick Owens hired Winny Puhh, an Estonian metal band that performs upside down while hanging from the ceiling, to do the music for his men’s show and officially became the sickest designer alive. Obviously they wore wrestling costumes. Somehow these guys weren’t picked to be Estonia’s entry for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, but you should definitely familiarize yourself with their work, above. [Fashionista]

After the Supreme Court rulings striking down DOMA and Proposition 8, and ahead of the show “A Queer History of Fashion: From the Closet to the Catwalk” show set for the Museum at F.I.T. this September, Fashionista takes a look at the construction of queer culture in fashion. [Fashionista]

Elizabeth Arden is launching a new perfume, its third after Red Door and Fifth Avenue, called Untold. [WWD]

• Wal-Mart, Gap Inc., and the other holdout retailers that have refused to sign the binding agreement on building safety in Bangladesh are reportedly close to announcing details of their own, competing plan. The Wal-Mart plan limits the legal liability of the companies for worker safety and caps the total cost of factory upgrades at $50 million — money which will only be given if the Bangladeshi government can meet certain yet-to-be-specified requirements. Experts say $50 million is not enough to bring Bangladesh’s roughly 5000 garment factories up to code — estimates say that would cost around $3 billion. [WSJ]

• In the wake of that murder charge, Puma has dropped Aaron Hernandez. [WWD]

• Kate Moss’s body double for that Stuart Weitzman ad has been identified. Her name is Natalie Morris, and she is — shockingly — also a model. Plus she was on Portlandia once. [Vogue UK]

• Macy’s has reached a settlement with the Justice Department over its treatment of employees who were immigrants. The company has to pay $175,000 in fines and $100,000 in back pay to workers who lost pay or seniority due to discrimination based on their national origins. Its hiring and work-eligibility verification procedures will also be monitored by the Justice Department for two years. [WWD]

• Oh my God is this seriously a six-step illustrated instructional guide to rolling up a shirt sleeve? This is worse than that time Allure tried to teach us how to take a shower. [Who What Wear]

• Burlington Coat Factory filed for an I.P.O. [WWD]

Vogue ran a long piece by an N.Y.U. sociologist defending Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s choice of baby name, North West. [Vogue]

Vogue Paris is getting an iPhone app. [WWD]

• Net-A-Porter is delaying the launch of its planned print magazine from this fall to early 2014. [WWD]

• This is how Jeff Koons spent his Wednesday:

On Wednesday, Koons was in a private back room at the blue chip Chelsea gallery wearing a skinny-lapel Dior Homme suit and his perma-becalmed visage. A two-foot tall polyurethane resin version of his “Balloon Venus” lay in repose on the table beside the 58-year-old artist. A bottle of Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2003 lay inside the sculpture’s bulbous belly to form an extravagant nesting doll.
“I don’t do very many product associations,” Koons said. “But you know Dom Pérignon is a fantastic brand, a wonderful Champagne. Champagne is used on many occasions for celebrating.”

The sculpture and the bottle of wine will cost you $20,000. Alternatively, here is a wine bottle holder that makes it look like a turtle is guzzling your pinot, $19.95. [WWD]

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